School Documents

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See the documents linked below for school programming materials, accountability reports, fiscal matters, forms for students and parents, and other information.

Fiscal Matters

2019-2020 EPA

EPA 2019-2020 Spending Determination

2018-2019 EPA Actuals

EPA 18-19 Actuals


2018-2019 EPA Approval

Approved on 8-6-18


2018-2019 EPA Spending Determination


Item 7.7 EPA Public Hearing


2017-2018 EPA Recommended Approval

2016-2017 College Readiness

2016-2017 College Readiness Budget

2016-2017 Educator Effectiveness

2016-2017 Educator Effectiveness Budget

2016-2017 EPA


2016-2017 Spending Determination

Students and Parents

Student and Parent Handbook

Our handbook

Daily Bell Schedule

Our school schedule

AB Calendar

Our calendar

School Reporting & Accountability

Report Card

2019-20 School Accountability Report Card


School Charter

Public charter renewal document


2019-20 Local Control and Accountability Plan

Charter Complaint Form

Charter school complaint form and procedures


E-Rate RFP

Request for Proposals: E-Rate Eligible Projects 2020