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Inspire is a collaboration between teachers, parents, students and community members, dedicated to creating a school that empowers students to explore and discover their personal talents and passions. It is our goal that Inspire students graduate with a vision of their future, motivating them to succeed in post secondary education and in their future careers.

Our faculty and staff bring years of experience in creating and implementing successful educational programs that provide students with smaller, more personalized learning environments. We know that students learn best when they see connections between disciplines, classroom instruction, their own personal passions and skills, and their academic and career futures. Inspire’s instructional strategies and curriculum reveal those important connections, motivating our students to succeed.

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The Big Red Book

That is what people like to call The Stories of John Cheever, and, if you have seen the book, you are well aware that it is an apt description.  I am looking at it right now, on a bookshelf full of books, and it stands out distinctly.  This book grows in distinction...

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Between Grief and Joy

In the first several weeks after our county and state agencies declared the need for campus closures, we were in survival mode. Now that the adrenaline has worn off, I find myself, like so many others, holding two seemingly contradictory emotions inside at once: grief...

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The New Logo Story

We have a vision; it will happen. Here’s How… For the last ten years, Inspire has provided an educational experience unlike any other in the Northstate area. At its core, Inspire is a deeply collaborative effort between teachers, parents, students and community...

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